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India is at least 81% Hindu. No matter how you slice and dice, this is an overwhelmingly Hindu majority nation. There’s no denying of that fact.But it is also an important fact that India has been very successful in unifying its extremely diverse population. There are 1000s of castes among all religions. There are at least 7 religions. There are 18 major and 100s of minor languages (not mere dialects). There are incredible number of food preparation types, dress differences, mode of worship variations. It’s not an exaggeration if I say, every 100 kilometer you travel, you see a very different India or Bharat. More importantly, in spite of centuries old fault lines across many groups in India, that have even caused riots and violence, all communities in India have grown up well over the past 65 years. No religion or caste group has been left out, if you look at the census demographics.

In such an extremely diverse India, there are celebrities. There are celebrities from every language, skin colour, height, weight, gender, caste background, class connection, religious affiliation and so on. The fact of the matter is that, most fans of celebrities hardly care about the celebrity’s religious or other affiliations.

In such diverse and unifying India, time and again, we see some very silly, unwarranted and dangerous communal cards being played by some celebrities. This column focuses on a few such cards being played by celebrities who happen to have Muslim names or parents. Sanjay Dutt, Emraan Hashmi, Shah Rukh Khan, Mohammed Azharuddin and Shabana Azmi have been picked to “talk” to, in this column.

So let’s talk to them : Hello celebrities. Let’s get it straight. Each one of you have been very successful in your art, politics or sports field. Majority of your fans didn’t care about your father’s name, mother’s name, place of birth, religious affiliation, spouse’s religion, children’s beliefs, your visits to places of worship (or the lack of it), your income class, your foreign trips, your meetings with other nationalities or other religious groups, your paper/TV/book subscription, your charity donation to religious or non-religious groups, your competence in any religious area, your dress at your home or during festivals… the list goes on…

Then why the heck do you play communal card at the drop of a hat, defaming the supremely accommodating, truly secular Indian society? Yes, there may be irritating apples in India, but they are far outnumbered by people who give a damn about your background or belief, and respect you for what you are capable of in the field of art, sports and others.

1) Let’s start with Sanjay Dutt : In 2009, you said this: “I was there (in jail) for 3.5 years and was tortured because my mother was a Muslim, and I was a Muslim’s son.” in public. [link]

Sir, Are you not ashamed to say such a thing, after decades of love, affection and support given by the Indian society?

You are married three times and your first two wives were Hindus —  Richa Sharma and Rhea Pillai.

In spite of being caught with an illegal AK 56 gun at your home, that too during a very sensitive early 1990s of Mumbai, your loyal fans adored you as Munna Bhai during later years. They never deserted you. In fact, your loyal fans (yes, most are Hindus), prayed for you, putting your picture next to their beloved God Ganesha.

Source: Sanjay-Dutt
You have been exposed by media of having links with dangerous gangsters, but people have pardoned you. [Link]

You have admitted even in the Supreme Court that you had dinner with India’s most wanted terrorist and gangster. But still people watch your movies. [Link]

Your father has been elected to Indian parliament 5 times and your sister is also a politician just like you.

So, sir, why play sick communal card bringing disrepute to your entire fan following, the system you has made you a celebrity and your own country? Fight a case by its merit in the court if needed, but not by playing victim in the public. Should we say shame on you?

2) Let’s now talk to Emran Hashmi: In 2009 you claimed: “I had finalised a deal to buy a flat, but the society refused to issue a No Objection Certificate because I am a Muslim. [Link]

Dude, you had problem buying one property, and suddenly you realize you are a Muslim and that must be the reason?

Let’s get some things straight. No one cared if your mother was a Christian, your dad was Muslim and your cousins are Hindu.

No one cared you were a Muslim when you went on kissing countless girls on the screen. Did anyone count how many Hindu girls you kissed on screen till date?


Also, have you seen ‘exclusive to Christians’ apartment ad, that too government approved buildings, from Mohali? Wake up.. This is India and there are numerous cases where people prefer their own community inside their residential societies.


Yes, people give apartments based on many of their own biases. Some are legal and some are not. If you dig deeper, there will be plenty of areas where Muslims discriminate against Hindus too. Visit Malapuram district in Kerala once and speak to some Hindu land owners whose land is surrounded by Muslim land owners. Stop being a cry baby due to one episode. The same Mumbai will have lakhs of apartments for sale where the owner does not care 3 hoots about who is buying, as long as you pay the money they want. You and your uncle Mahesh Bhatt going to press and painting yourself as “communal victims” will not help. You have enough fame, name and money to fight cases in court if you see some injustice.

3) Now the so-called “King” Shah Rukh Khan: Let’s only focus on his latest 2013 interview: “I imagine this (giving “Indian” first names to kids) will prevent my offspring from receiving unwarranted eviction orders or random fatwas in the future.” [Link]

Source: fanpop
You must be kidding.. right Shah Rukh? Eviction order for your kids? LoL!

Your grandfather maybe from Afghanistan, your father maybe from today’s Pakistan, and you may be married to a Hindu wife. But no one cared in the past 20 years when you kept rising to stardom.

No one cared if you went to study at Jamia Milia Islamia, while the name itself says something about religion there.

Majority of the Indians do not see your movies because you are a “Muslim” hero..They like your acting skills and they adore you.

Even when you publicly created drunken nuisance at Wankhede stadium, still people went and watched your movies. Did anyone ask you what was the religion of that poor security person whom you abused in a drunken state that night, like a third grade street thug?

Source: IBNLive
Majority of India supported you when you had to face immigration issues in America. Even the government of India stepped into the controversy, which is not a norm at all. In fact more support came to you even though another proud Indian Muslim, Abdul Kalam was frisked twice at a US airport against norms. (And to his credit, Abdul Kalam did not play any victim card like you).

So dear SRK – After a huge fan following for decades, living a dream life in India, owning a sports team and enjoying lavish media focus, you should be the last one to even think of playing a communal card. So disappointing…

4) Now let’s say hello to a Congress MP, Azharuddin: In 2000, after being banned for life for match fixing scandal, you said something like this: “I am being targeted because I belong to the minority community”. [Link]

Source: MyWebdunia
You must be really out of your mind, aren’t you Azhar bhai?

For heavens sake, you were made to lead a cricket team from a country of 82% Hindus, and also a country where cricket is a religion by itself! People looked at your sporting talent, and not your first name Mohammed.

When you were banned for life (till 2012 court ruling) from Indian cricket, it was not just you. The decisions were taken based on the dirty games played by many players. Yes, Hindu named players also got the boot.

You could date and marry (that too make her the 2nd wife) a Hindu girl, and no one had any objection in India.

You were elected to the highest body of decision making of India, the parliament, using the ticket from the ruling Congress party. Wasn’t that a privilege that the democratic India offered you? Yes, everyone knew that you had the name Mohammed on your election ticket.

You were not even forced to keep the Indian traditional welcome teeka on the forehead, which is common while arriving/departing the country, or while celebrating. Even the English and West Indian players won’t refuse. But your religious “sentiments” were cared for and as far as we remember, you didn’t sport a teeka proudly as a captain, like Dhoni does.

Looking back at the silly and sick communal card you played, after being caught cheating, are you not ashamed dear Azhar?

5) Lastly, let’s say hello to Shabana Azmi: You claimed in 2008: “If Javed Akhtar (husband) and Shabana Azmi (wife) cannot get a flat in Bombay because they are Muslims, then what are we talking about?’ [Link]

Source: Chandrakantha
Ouch.. that’s too simplistic and silly to even consider saying Ms.Azmi.

None of your fans stopped watching your movies all these years because you were a Muslim actress. They cared for your beauty, talent and expression, and that’s pretty much it.

No one cared if both of your parents were members of communist party, while majority of Indians don’t care a hoot for communism. In fact majority of the Indians despise communist ideology, but still that never affected your rise in Bollywood, in the same city you referred, Mumbai/Bombay!

No one cared if you are the second wife of a man who claims to be an atheist. For your information, India is overwhelmingly God believing and God following. Atheists are fringe minority in this nation.

Not many cared if you portrayed for the first time in Indian films a lesbian act on screen, while lesbianism is such a big no-no for the mainstream in India.

I ask, why should we even care for any of these? Still at the very first opportunity to showcase your “Muslim” identity, you stooped down to a shameful level and went public with your grievance? Just like Emraan, don’t you think you are super famous, rich and well connected to fight any real grievance in the court? Playing “Muslim” card in public after all the decades of success in a not-so-Muslim India was OK with you?

Also, did you or your famous husband speak up even once to support Subramanian Swamy’s Madras HC 2007 petition about Melvisharam panchayat? It would help if you can read and educate about some discrimination in India by Muslims too: [link]

Conclusion: Grow up guys… Grow up: India is not perfect. There might be that odd feeling of discrimination you will see. But there are 1000s of places where no one cares about your background. All they care is your talent, money and other relevant things. Do not be itching to turn everything into a Hindu-Muslim issue for some cheap publicity. There are laws to help you if you can’t get an apartment, if you can’t get a bail, if you don’t feel safe at a particular place, if you can’t release a movie and so on. Why not use them just like crores of other Indians?

Of all the people, why do you, the celebrities, who have become so successful, rich, and popular in a secular and democratic India, play that shady communal card? We can at least understand if a poor butcher or mechanic on the street plays victim for whatever reason.

Why do you betray your tremendous fan following with such silly communal cards? The next time your fans will keep the silly card that you played about your “identity”, which they hardly cared all these year.

Why feed Pakistanis, terrorists and others who eagerly wait for an opportunity to malign India’s pluralistic growth success? For instance Shah Rukh Khan’s “safety” in India is a big concern for Pakistan, where minorities were reduced from a quarter of its population 65 years back to almost extinction now.

Why do a big disservice to the nation and the society that has skyrocketed you to such celebrity status?

Think.. Introspect and please grow up…

Mahesh Bhatt a intellect jihadi is promoting jihad in Bharat. It is interesting to note that in his speech he referred to  unjust s that has been perpetrated against muslims  and goes on justifying jihad. I agree when he says this fight will not end here it will go on, this fight was started by muslims and will end at the fall of muslims.

It sure seems like Mahesh Bhatt has a private war going only with the Hindu pantheon. For a man who is so likeably pleasant and approachable, he can be pretty stubborn too. Those who know this strong-willed, immensely creative filmmaker are aware of the distance he keeps from temples and rituals. When his own daughter Pooja Bhatt got married in a temple in Goa, he refused to step in and be a part of the ceremony.
The son of a Muslim mother who was kept away from the main Bhatt family, Mahesh waged a war with “God” in his childhood when he would go into his Hindu father’s house, an utterly humiliating experience for the sensitive, forever-questioning child. He had vowed then that only success would give him respect and a place in society; success would be his only God.
In all Bhatt productions thus far, the Hindu pantheon is never a big deal. It can be grotesque like it is in Murder 2 but not benign and godly. Mahesh’s fight is not with other religions. In Jannat he was quite comfortable showing namaaz being offered and an Islamic lifestyle. In his latest, Murder 2, set in Goa, it is Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, a saintly sister and a calm, tranquil church. And it works well. In Murder 2, hero Emraan Hashmi has a war going with his God ever since he is orphaned. Hindi films have time and again encashed stories of an atheistical hero’s battle with God where the gods invariably win at the end, in classic Deewaar style. In Murder 2, the weather-beaten hero finally does away with the devilish villain and steps into church, a changed, chastened man. It’s a formula that works brilliantly and it does in Murder 2 as well.
Source:Telegraph (extract is represented here)
Paush Krushnapaksha 13, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Note : Anyone can send their lawful protest to concerned authorities directly through Comments Section on HJS Website.

'Left : Statue of Netaji Bose' and 'Right : Statue of Netaji demolished'
‘Left : Statue of Netaji Bose’ and ‘Right : Statue of Netaji demolished’

A more than 40-year-old statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at Netaji Subhash Park in Delhi has been removed to make way for the construction of a Metro Rail Station. The move has come in for criticism by many, most notably, the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena and Akhil Bharat Hindu Yuvak Sabha.

BSKS president Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga told Niti Central, “Freedom fighters who are not related to the Gandhi family have always been ignored in our country. We will not endure any action which disrespects the honour of Netaji Subhas Bose.”

According to the petition filed by the BSKS, the location of the metro station has been shifted 50 metres from its original site to make sure that some relics belonging to the Muslim community are not destroyed. But the change of location has resulted in a situation where the old statue of Netaji needs to be demolished.

Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, a Delhi-based social organisation, has filed a petition before Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit against the demolition. The petition sent to the Delhi Chief Minister also demands the construction of a similar statue of Netaji in case the metro station construction does take place as planned.

The BSKS has also threatened the Delhi Government saying that if they are not heard, they will be forced to agitate and take legal recourse in order to fight for Netaji’s honour.

Full text of the BSKS petition to Sheila Dikshit

This letter is with reference to the issue of alleged removal/demolition of a More than 40 year old & one of the biggest statue of Netaji Subhas Bose at Netaji Subhash Park, for the purpose of construction of Metro Rail Station. As per our information, DMRC had taken the decision to move the proposed site for the construction of the Metro station by 50 metres for the purpose of making sure that the disputed structure that had come up over there after the discovery of some relics, is not destroyed. While we respect the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court to Maintain Status Quo of disputed structure that has been put up over there by the Muslim Community of the locality, the sad part is that even while keeping the sentiments of the Muslims of the place and honouring the decision of the Supreme Court, DMRC did not even think twice before removing the statue of one of India’s foremost Freedom Fighters, i.e Netaji Subhas Bose. We would like to ask if DMRC and the Delhi Government at all respect and value the sentiments of hundreds of millions of patriotic Indians who have the highest respect for the sacrifices and the valour of Netaji Subhas Bose.

Is the importance of Netaji’s statue less than that of a disputed structure that has been forcefully put up ?

While we appreciate the construction of the metro rail and we also respect the stay order of the Supreme Court on the demolition of the disputed structure, it is sad that the sentiments of patriotic Indians have been ignored by DMRC and Delhi Government. Netaji Subhash Bose was no ordinary person whose installed statue can be removed/demolished by authorities at will.

Therefore we request you to give firm commitment in writing that DMRC would install a similar statue of Netaji in the park after the construction of the metro station is completed and would also endeavour to name the station after him since the metro station itself is coming up in the park named after him. We also demand that as a mark of respect and honour for one of India’s greatest freedom fighters, DMRC would at least put up a photo gallery of Netaji and Azad Hind Fauj’s photographs inside the station. We would request you to kindly take this letter in the right spirit of its content and intent, and not to presume that people would forget about the issue in a matter of time. We are law abiding citizens of this country with the highest regards for those who have given their lives and blood for this nation and we hope that our sentiments would be honoured. If not, we would be compelled to take the route of agitations and litigations for restoring the honour of Netaji.

Source : Niti Central

Protest letter by Akhil Bharat Hindu Yuvak Sabha

Mrs.Sheela Dikshit
Chief Minister of Delhi.
New Delhi

Subject : Demolition of the statue of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose at Netaji Subhas Park, Delhi.
Dear CM,
We are writing to you with sorrow and pain as news about demolition of that statue of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose at Netaji Subhas Park reached us. This more than 40 year old statue has been removed by DMRC to facilitate the building of Metro station.
It is unfortunate that DMRC and Govt.of Delhi decided to demolish the statue of the tallest figure in the freedom struggle of India. The said statue is pride of all nationalistic people of Delhi in particular and of India in general. Metro is an integral part of development for Delhi and nation as a whole but it is incorrect to demolish the statue of the personality those who sacrificed his life for our freedom, this is a clear indication of sadistic attitude of your government towards our freedom fighters.
Freedom fighter are being defamed and it seems to be the policy of the establishment, both GOI and Govt.of Delhi are deliberately making attempt of discrediting the Freedom fighters because of whom we are breathing freely in this country.
We at Akhil Bharat Hindu Yuvak Sabha urge you to commit to reinstallation of statue of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose and re-establish the glory of Netaji Subhash Park once Metro finishes its constrictions. We look forward to a response from you , this matter is related to our nationalistic sentiments and we will take this matter to common masses in absence of your prompt action.

Thanking you and Jai Shri Ram,
Rakesh Gurkha
National Spokesperson
Akhil Bharat Hindu Yuvak Sabha

Pune : Hindus come forward to make ‘Hindu Dharmasabha ’ a success !

Pune (Maharashtra) :
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has 

Kumbh Mela : Legislate an act in Parliament for Shriram temple or face agitation ! - VHP warnsorganized a grand ‘Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha)’ on 17th March on the ground of Goyalganga Building, Sinhgad Rasta (Manikbaug). A meeting of pro-Hindu activists was held in that connection on 4th February in the evening at Vitthal Mandir in Vitthalwadi. Many pro-Hindu organizations made a resolve to unite and make the ‘sabha’, a success. They showed their readiness in participating in this ‘Dharma yadnya’ through different mediums.

Shri. Shivaji (Appa) Yewale, the vice-President of BJP for Khadakvasla Constituency, Shri. Santosh Gopal of Yuva Sena, Shri. Nikhil Paygude, a member of Grampanchayat from Donaje, Shri. Pravin Paygude of Shiv Sena, Shri. Amol Nachan, the coordinator of Bajarang Dal, Shri. Pravin Zende of Hindu Rashtra Sena, Shri. Lakshmikant Sharma of ‘Patit-Pavan’ Sanghatana’, Shri. Raj Purohit of ‘Seva Sangh’, Shri. Prasad Paygude of Amruteshwar Trust and Shri. Sunil Ghanavat of HJS, about 35 persons, attended the meeting. Shri. Shivajirao Yewale, Shri. Nachan and Shri. Zende offered to provide financial support and make arrangements for publicity. It has been decided to hold a meeting on every Monday.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Unanimous resolution of Dharmacharyas, Saints and Sages in Dharma Sansad of VHP !

Prayagaraj (Uttar Pradesh) : The agitation organised for building Shriram temple is the only massive agitation of its scale after the independence movement. However, unfortunate part is that this agitation is continuing for last 24 years, but this agitation has caused a big shock for Congress party, which was earlier enjoying power by scoring a majority of votes and since the agitation, Congress is able to stick to power with the support of some other political parties. Now, this agitation will be carried to its logical conclusion. For this, Hindus all over the country will be united. Such a resolution was adopted unanimously by hundreds of Dharmacharyas, Saints and Sages in Dharma Sansad (Religious Parliament) organised by Vishva Hindu Parishad on 7th February in Kumbh city.

Parliament, which will salute the saffron flag will be established ! – Swami Chinmayanand Maharaj

Swami Chinmayanand Maharaj of ‘Paramarth Niketan’ said, “In this country no proofs are sought for ‘Bal’ (Hair) of Hajarat; however, proofs are to be submitted in the court of law for Shriram birth place. Congress appeases Muslims by trampling religious faiths of Hindus. It nourishes Islamic terrorism. Even after the ruling of Judicial court that the location of Shriram birth place is beyond any doubts, obstacles are created. If Congress fails to enact a law for Ram temple in parliament before its session in the rainy season, Congress will be dismissed from power and a parliament, which will salute the
saffron flag will be established.”

Establish a spiritual base for Ram temple ! – Jagatguru Swami Ramabhadracharya Maharaj

Shri Ramanandanucharya Jagatguru Swami Ramabhadracharya Maharaj Said, “It is an exercise in day-dreaming that Congress will enact a law for Ram temple in the parliament. Therefore, be prepared for mid-term Parliamentary elections. Be active so that 370 M.P.s, who support Ram temple are sent to parliament. Now, to guide this movement, Shankaracharyas of all 4 Pithas should unite by ignoring their differences. In order to ward off dangers faced by Hindu Dharma and culture, it is necessary to perform religious rituals and create a spiritual base. Every Hindu should chant ‘Shriram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram’ for 13 ‘Malas’ every day from 11th April.”

On this occasion, the President of Vishva Hindu Parishad Mr. Ashok Singhal, Yogi Adityanath M.P., Swami Dr. Ramakamal Das and other dignitaries guided the convention. Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati, Shankaracharya Swami Naredranandaji, Shankaracharya Swami Vasudevanandaji and hundreds of Saints were present in Dharma Sansad.

BJP should take steps to stop offering of Namaz in Bhojshala ! – Jagatguru Swami Narendracharya Saraswati

BJP wrested power in M.P. on the point of Hindutva. If this government is granting permission to Muslims for offering of Namaz in Bhojshala by showing disrespect to Hindus, it should realise that we, Saints are ready to protect Hindutva. If the time calls for, we are even ready to sacrifice our lives to resist the offering of Namaz in Bhojshala. Therefore, first BJP should take steps to stop offering of Namaz in Bhojshala. This warning was issued by Jagatguru Swami Narendracharya Saraswati.

Reference to Mr. Narendra Modi drew big clapping response !

Anant Vibhushit Jagatguru Shri Swami Kaushalendra Prapannacharya Falahari Maharaj said, “For Ram temple, we need neither NDA nor UPA; we only want Mr.Narendra Modi. Congress has issued tickets for election to Muslims; BJP has also done the same thing. However, Mr. Narendra Modi has not issued the ticket to any Muslim in Gujarat elections, still he achieved a majority. Therefore, Mr. Narendra Modi must become the Prime Minister. He should be kept secured.” On this occasion, all present in
the Sansad responded with loud clapping and shouts of “Jay Shriram’.

BJP should create confidence among Saints that the BJP government assuming power in the Centre will be pro-Hindus ! – H.H. Govind Devgiri Maharaj

Prayagaraj (Uttar Pradesh) : BJP should create confidence among Saints that the BJP government assuming power in the Centre and its Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will be pro-Hindus. The BJP government in M.P. is allowing Muslims to offer Namaz in the Bhojshala on the day Vasant Panchami. If such a government assumes power in the Centre, it will be of no use to Hindus. Hence, a government, who will meet all the demands of Hindus should come to power in the Centre. This demand was raised by H.H. Govind Devgiri Maharaj in the Sant Convention.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

At 8 am on Saturday, Afzal Guru, the main accused in the 
Afzal Guru hanged outside his cellParliament attack case of December 13, 2001 was hanged in Delhi’s Tihar jail. The hanging comes less than three months after that of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistan-based terrorist who was part of the 26/11 Mumbai attack, earlier last November.
However, Guru’s body will not to be handed to his relatives and he will be buried in Tihar Jail itself, in accordance with the rituals, said Union home secretary RK Singh in the national capital.
It was less than a week ago, on February 3, that President Pranab Mukherjee cleared Guru’s file, thus setting the ball rolling for Guru’s execution. Pronounced guilty and convicted to death by the Supreme Court in 2003, Guru’s hanging had been kept pending for several years. In fact, the recent times have seen the principle Opposition party, the BJP, racheting up the political pressure on the UPA government to hang Guru.
The decision to hang Guru came soon after the President cleared the file. The Cabinet Committee on Security, chaired by the Prime Minister took the decision last week to go ahead with the hanging. By Friday, the centre had alerted the Jammu and Kashmir government as part of precautionary measures. The state government immediately imposed curfew in large parts of the state to ensure there were no law and order issues.
Guru’s arrest came soon after the attack and he was charged under the controversial Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) that was passed by the AB Vajpayee-led NDA government and was later done away with by the Congree-led UPA. He was also charged with waging war against the state among other charges related to terrorism.
Union home secretary RK Singh told the media in a brief statement that by hanging Guru they had followed the rule of law. “The President cleared the file on February 3 and the decision was taken to go ahead soon after.”
Political watchers say that this could be a move ny the UPA government to shore up its falling image as a preparation for a possible general elections in 2013. Guru’s hanging was also controversial because the evidence that was used was questioned by several quarters. Some even alleged that in the absence of the real conspirators, the investigating agencies had been forced to make a scapegoat out of Guru. However the courts rejected these allegations and pronounced him guilty.
Meanwhile, curfew was imposed in the Kashmir valley, to prevent trouble in Guru’s native Baramulla. Belonging to the Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir, Guru, who had completed the first year MBBS was preparing for IAS exams when he was arrested for being providing logistic support to the ‘fidayeens’ in New Delhi for carrying out terror attacks on government symbols like Parliament and embassies.
However, Unhappy with the situation there, he moved back to Kashmir and surrendered before the Border Security Force.
The Supreme Court of India in 2003 awarded te death sentence to Guru, which was to to be carried out on October 20, 2006. However, the execution was stayed even as Afzal remained on death row.

The mass media, who always make a noise about their freedom, are keeping quiet on the issue of Bukhari beating up a reporter who tried to tell the truth as accepted by the Court. If such incident had taken place with any chief of a pro-Hindu organization or a Saint, all mass media, channels would have branded him as ‘Talibani’ and would have held discussion sessions on their channels; but here, the person involved is Muslim Imam, a Muslim Dharmaguru, therefore, all media is keeping quiet and all Hindus must realize this. How can such biased media ever carry out its duty impartially? – Editor SP

Imam didn’t tolerate the truth of Babur invading ‘Ramjanma-bhoomi’ presented by the Muslim reporter

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh): Shahi Imam Maulana Ahmad Bukhari of Jama Mosque, Delhi severely beat up a Muslim reporter for his writing the truth about Babur’s invasion on the birth place of Sriram. This reporter had asked Bukhari for his views on Babur’s invasion of the birth-place of Sriram. A press conference was held by the Imam here for presenting views on the Allahabad’s High Court’s decision on ‘Ramjanma-bhoomi’ case.

A reporter of one Urdu periodical, Mohammad Abdul Wahid Chishti raised a query on the right of ownership on ‘Ramjanma-bhoomi’. Chishti tried to draw the attention of Bukhari on the point that the controversial land belonged to King Dasharath from the year 1528 and later, Babur built a mosque. Initially, Bukhari ignored the query; but Chishti again asked the same question leading to Bukhari losing his cool. He pounced on Chishti. Bukhari shouted that ‘Throw this person out; he is the agent of Congress. Keep your mouth shut. It is because of the traitors like you that Muslims were insulted.’ Thereafter Bukhari and his supporters severely beat up Chishti.

Bukhari wants to start riots in the country ! – Chishti

After this incident, Chishti said, “Bukhari has been trying to disturb the religious harmony by making explosive statements after thehistoric decision of Allahabad High Court on the ‘Ramjanma-bhoomi’. Till the verdict was not declared, Bukhari was saying that he would accept the verdict of the High Court; but since the verdict is out, he has changed his tune and has started making explosive statements against the verdict. He does not want peace. He wants riots to start in this country. To maintain the unity and harmony in this country, ‘Ramjanma-bhoomi’ belonging to Raja Dasharath, should be handed back to Hindus.”

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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Grave sins of Congress are             driving India to             doom!

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