Kumbh Mela : Large-scale sale of Gutakha and Pan Masala in Kumbh city !

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Active, china, hindu, kumbh, Kumbh mela, Maharaj, mela, Sanatan’s mission, support

Perverse Hindus destroying the sanctity of Kumbh city by consuming Gutakha !

Prayagaraj (UP) : Even though, the government has taken a decision to ban the use of plastic in Kumbh city, plastic garbage is found every where in the area. This garbage consists of wrappers of tobacco related products such as Gutakha, Pan Masala etc. The devotees are incensed on witnessing indiscriminate sale of these products in a pious location like Kumbh Mela. (Due to lack of education about Dharma, Hindus practice such a non-sattvik action ! – Editor SP)

Shops selling Gutakha found everywhere

1. Handcarts selling Pans are set up in every square of Kumbh city and near the pandals of Akhadas. Gutakha is being sold there in a large proportion.

2. Addicts of Gutakha and Pan Masala are spitting anywhere in a pious location like Kumbh city after consuming these products. (How will God bless such individuals ? – Editor SP)

3. Since the State Government has shown apathy in banning such products in a pious and religious festival like Kumbh Mela, such products are being sold indiscriminately.

Deposition of moss on the water in river Ganga !

1. Moss is deposited on a current of water in the river, in the westerly direction, as a result, river Ganga has literary acquired a form of a puddle.

2. The flow of water of river Ganga in the westerly direction has split on farther side. Since moss is found on a large scale there, the devotees are finding it difficult to take a Holy bath.

3. Thus, the State Government has hurt religious sentiments of crores of Hindus.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


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