Anti-Hindu Media in Majority Hindu India

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Anti Hindu Media, hindu, Islamisation, Threats
By Priya Shahv

NDTV and CNN-IBN are 2 of the most known Anti-Hindu Media channels in India
most known Anti-Hindu Media channels in India

New Delhi, India (CHAKRA) Indian’s take pleasure in the fact that India is renowned as the world’s largest democracy.  However under the disguise of being massively populated yet governed democratically through a transparent electoral process, lies the truth: India’s democracy runs at the cost of Hindu rights.  This is the case due to the enactment of ongoing government policies related to actions of constant appeasement to minorities—the Muslims and Christians of India.  In other words it’s a form of reverse discrimination but to a degree that has become utterly unacceptable.
Primarily, this form of appeasement is seen through the biases in media that have become so prevalent that even an ordinary news reader, lacking any professional, analytical skills can point them out.  Take NDTV for example.  There will not be a day that goes by on this website, where an anti-Hindu article is not posted on the front page headlines.  Sadly it’s a good day for Hindus, if only one hateful headline is posted since it has become the norm to bash Hindus daily through a multitude of articles.
Furthermore, when there is major headline news such as the Mumbai attacks of November 2008, news reporters on sites such as NDTV write with the utmost care to not point out whether a Muslim might have been involved in the attacks even though the evidence of the crime proves guilty. Contrary to this, when a Hindu person is mentioned even as a possible suspect, news reporters in India have no shame or reluctance in typing negative headlines that defame Hindu’s across the country and world—when nothing has been proven.  The question is why is this being accepted by a majority in India?  If India comprises the world’s largest Hindu population then why are people not speaking out about such an injustice?
The pattern and consistency of this bias is clearly evident, yet people choose not to question such forms of abuse.  Just because a majority exists in a country, does not mean that they deserve constant criticism for merely being a majority because it is obvious that in India’s case, the voice is not of the Hindu’s.  In the desperation to appease and prove oneself to be a democratic country to the outside world arena, India’s government and media have forgotten to represent the Hindu majority of the country.  One may say, that how can such a misrepresentation be possible in a country that is presumably very transparent in its governing practices?  It is important to note that a large portion of the Indian population is made up of people living in poverty.  When a large number of people are poverty stricken, it is easy to manipulate this population to follow any hidden agenda that a person running for office might have.  So although at the surface the process seems clean and mildly bureaucratic, it is at the grassroots level that the corruption can be seen.  How does this all relate back to the biases of Indian media?
When vulnerable minds are manipulated at desperate times, it can be easy to change their way of thinking and as this process continues for years at a time, perspectives of the general public change in line with what they are being fed, whether it is directly by the government, or by a party minister, or even by various media types.  This manipulation can be so powerful, that people fail to see things that are so vehemently against their own people. In turn, they see themselves as progressive thinkers and go along with whatever is being said without stopping to question the abuse of their rights.  However, this infringement of rights has come to be so evident and intense that it cannot be ignored any longer.  The media cannot get away with portraying Hindu’s as the so called “bad guys” or “villains” while others are always portrayed as the victims plainly because of their numbers.  The reality is that the Hindu population is decreasing in India while the Muslim and Christian populations are growing in their respective majority-based countries.  Hindu’s need to start paying attention to the inappropriate and unnecessary bias displayed in media and fight for what is not fair.  If we do not help our own kind then no one else will until it is too late and there is no turning back to recuperate what has been lost.

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